Betting On International Football Friendlies

AC Milan's Brazilian midfielder Kaka (L) fights for the ball with Torino's forward David Di Michele during their 'Serie A' football vs Torino at San Siro Stadium in Milan, 03 November 2007. AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACEBetting on international football friendlies in an exciting pursuit, but at the same time it can be a risky business. Due to the fact that there is nothing at stake, no points, no trophies, only pride, friendlies tend to be very unpredictable affairs. One of the safest bets is to back the team with home ground advantage, but do take into account that a game against a team like Uzbekistan at home against perennial World Champions Brazil probably won’t end up in a home victory.

Remember that for the top teams that are used to their creature comforts, a whirlwind trip to a 112th ranked nation, cooped up in a tiny, crumbling hotel with a team fractured by injuries may not be their idea of fun. Unfamiliar food, training facilities and climates could lead to an upset result.

Also take a look at the teams before making that bet. For many international football friendlies top players don’t participate. They often pull up in training the day before they are supposed to jet out to a friendly. Make sure that the key players you are expecting to run the game are on the team sheet. You may be treated to a glimpse of the next international star, but are they going to get you the result you want? If top players do play, do you think they will risk injury by going into a crucial 50/50 tackle?

Put the match in context

Looking at the history of the two teams involved is always of importance when it comes to football betting. Is there a history between the two nations involved (Holland and Belgium)? Are they bitter rivals (Argentina and Brazil)? Or are they neighbours (Scotland and England)? When these factors are taken into account, you can be sure that even though the match is called a ‘friendly’, it will be anything but.

Also look at a team’s recent run of results before betting on them to win. Sure, a winning streak could be a good indication that a team will triumph, but if they are coming off a surprise defeat, the old adage, “You are only as good as your last game,” may motivate a victorious performance.